Market Update | April 10th, 2019


Actual Trading – Market Update

April 10th, 2019

Strategy Shift


Actual Trading Announces Revised Short Term Crypto Targets at 3pm ET on April 10th, 2019.


We have moved from short and medium term bullish crypto to short term bearish and medium term bullish.

Market Overview

From a short-term trading perspective and from that of companies needing to fund operational expenses, these are excellent levels given how much lower we were several weeks ago even as we see a consistent level of demand especially from newer participants looking to establish a position in these markets.



We trade this market by buying substantial drops lower — 5% to 15% — and selling at 182-185 ETH and 5450-5520 BTC for a short-term trade. We are also poised for a break of 200 ETH and a corresponding move up in BTC that would allow us to sell more substantial amounts into stop losses at the 208-215 level and 5900-6200 BTC level.

The trend is higher. For new trades we prefer buying on dips. But for those who are long, taking profit and potentially selling for a dip provides a reasonable risk-reward. Bitcoin short-term price dynamics are often driven by disappointment. A move higher that stalls can draw in natural sellers and stop-losses by weak recent buyers. We look for a potential stall here and a move lower of 2-5%. We are cognizant of the risk to our short of simply holding these levels in crypto. If we are not lower by early next week, the market will start addressing the possibility of a technical Golden Cross as 50 Day Moving Average crosses over 200 Day Moving Average in potentially 10 days to 2 weeks creating a new bullish scenario. We reassess this risk on a daily basis and remain flexible to square up shorts.

We welcome the opportunity to help you with any trades or strategies you may be considering.

Thank you

David Reich | Head of Actual Trading


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