Market Update | April 12th, 2019


Actual Trading – Market Update

April 12th, 2019

Strategy Shift


Actual Trading Announces Revised Crypto Targets at 4pm ET on April 12th, 2019.

We have moved from short term bearish and medium term bullish crypto to short and medium term neutral.

Market Overview


The move down from BTC 5,450 and ETH 186, down to 5,000 and 160 – with exchange specific spikes lower — moves of 8-13% respectively, take us to levels where we have closed all short positions.




We have in fact begun accumulating long positions but stand at only 10-15% long assets at the 5,010 – 5,040 and 161-164 levels. We see substantial selling interest in crypto and are buying conservatively to recognize the possibility of another push lower. We see the possibility of a more extended move lower given the rapidity of the initial trade down which did not allow position liquidations. The weekend presents additional liquidity concerns and vulnerability to both the downside and upside. Given this abrupt move lower, we have curbed our enthusiasm temporarily and moved from medium term bullish to neutral in order to let market prices find their levels. Our goal is to gravitate towards 50% long as we hold these levels and trade slightly lower, perhaps 1-2% below these recent lows. We would then allow for a more substantial move to 3,900 – 4,400 and 139-144, levels breached by the April 1 break higher, where we would move to 80% long. We are short- and medium-term neutral at these levels, looking to trade from the long side given our longer term upward bias. Our position size is very small because of risk that market participants may try to push prices lower or higher. Our goal is to fade those moves but not get too involved in middle of daily trading ranges. We think the next few days could bring attempts to push prices decisively, but that those moves will then be met by opposing sellers/buyers to moderate initial moves. The sharp moves have just happened. We anticipate some consolidation as traders get frustrated and look to create more extensive moves.

Thank you

David Reich | Head of Actual Trading


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